ways to work together.


1:1 coaching


•Identify your strengths and magic
• Gain your power back 
• Get crystal clear on your life purpose
• Move from feeling overwhelmed to total peace and joy
• Celebrate your NEW YOU!



A safe place where deep listening, acceptance of individual differences, and compassion are the norm. 
Self Love Saturdays is a place to show up as you are, a place to be seen, heard, and understood. t’s a place where growth take place trough energy healing, powerful life coaching tools and the power of the group. 

You want to overcome your fears, or maybe create a new believes system. You might want to be able to create a strategy to break trough obstacles or have a courageous conversation with your loved ones, your boss, your friends.
In my online courses I put together coaching practices and exercises that will help you reach your goals all at your own peace!  

e- courseS

Self love saturdays!

Release the blocks to the presence of your power, get crystal clear on your life purpose and strengths

Identify how you can use your power and strengths to create a career/business that brings you joy and aligns with your
life purpose 

•Identify how you can use your strengths to empower yourself
• Speed up personal development 
• Find your work / life balance
• Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being
• Finally be happy in your career
• Celebrate your NEW YOU!


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"Thanks to Carlotta now I feel I can still grow and show my potential to the universe”

I start working with Carlotta when I was facing a black phase in my life. I felt lost and deeply frustrated with myself. I was underestimating my potential and my light .... Carlotta helped me understand my priorities in life, identifying what I wanted to change and also gave me a new prospective to approach life. I recommend her and her method: simple, direct, positive, sweet. Thanks to her now I feel I can still grow and show my potential to the universe”


"I had no idea, when she came into my life, the outstanding impact she would have"

Carlotta is a great many things. It’s hard to put into words all of her magnificent qualities.  She has tirelessly listened to me, and has always helped me find the positive in every situation. Her problem-solving skills go unmatched, and her compassion is hard to miss. She genuinely cares for others and wants to help, not only by fixing problems, but also by helping them help themselves. She helps people find their inner strength, which is something that is invaluable. She has always rooted for me to do my best and to become my best, and never had a doubt in my ability. It doesn’t take long after meeting Carlotta to figure out her light and her value. So if you are even considering or curious how Carlotta may be able to help you, I highly suggest just giving her a try. You won’t be disappointed."

Natalie l.

"Carlotta commitment and love for life and to support people achieve their goals is just astonishing and inspiring.!"

“Carlotta is a very passionate coach. She has been studying and working hard to be where she is now. She has been of great help to me: I am in a moment where life seems just a dark hole, and she has been patient, calm, caring, competent and always has pushed me to strive for the best and stay positive. She really wants everyone to fulfill their dreams and find their calling in life. She is also very pragmatic and sincere and will tell you exactly how things are. She will push you and guide you through the climb, never leaving you alone in the journey. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to find their true calling and who is struggling in finding their place in life. She is a beautiful, positive soul and her passion shines through”

laura g.

‘Being coached by Carlotta has put me back in the drivers seat of
my life'

"Working with Carlotta... I’m back in the driver’s seat, speeding down the highway and living again!!!"


"I feel more hopeful and inspired to continue on the new path I’m on!"

"Carlotta is a fun and lively coach who has encouraged me with enjoyable ways to look at things. She has helped me to look at old negative patterns with a simple and practical approach to turn them around into more realistic, positive beliefs. I feel more hopeful and inspired to continue on the new path I’m on."


"After just few sessions I have already found myself looking at things in my life through an optimistic view. "

"Although, Carlotta & I have only recently started sessions together, I have already found myself looking at things in my life through an optimistic view. She has really worked with me to see how I can approach different situations in a much more positive & effective manner when it comes to working with people. I really have enjoyed our sessions with her different workshop tasks to see things through different points of view. I look forward to us keep working together to help me achieve my overall happiness. Thank you Carlotta for all your amazing work & dedication to life coaching, as it has already started helping me.." 

russell k.